Honesty Cafe & Gallery

We are currently closed and hope to open again in 2018 after we have walked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, 2560 miles, in 2017. We will be relocated too but hope to remain in Melvaig. You can follow our adventure here: www.heandshehikethepct.wordpress.com

Honesty Cafe and Gallery. Located in Melvaig the Honesty Cafe allows guests to enjoy tea, coffee and cakes while enjoying the amazing sea-views out over the Minch.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2018!

Skye, The Shiants and Harris are visible if the weather is permitting or they may be clouded in mist and you begin to doubt if there were ever truly there.

Mandy’s photography is also available to buy in the format of framed prints, photographs, cards and postcards. There are also driftwood objects, crafted by Mandy, which are available to purchase.

The driftwood all comes from the beach at Melvaig. Additionally there are other crafts available to purchase.

In Wester Ross the community only survives because of the wonderful community spirit and sense of trust.

The Honesty Cafe and Gallery isn’t manned. Guests help themselves to tea and coffee, the lucky guest may be able to purchase some Scottish Clootie Dumpling (Granda Rush’s recipe), Caramel Shortcake or other sweet treats.

Cards and crafts can also be purchased, along with framed photos or prints. Guests can even place an order or inquiry using the sheets provided. Guests simply pay what they are due by in the payment box.

The Honesty Cafe and Gallery offers free Wi-Fi, but has no toilet facilities.